Digital processes for good food.

For more than 30 years, we have been the specialists for efficient information processing in the production of animal foodstuffs: from the barn to the plate, across all company boundaries, at every stage of the value chain and equally for the benefit of humans and animals.

iFood 2.5.0 NG – the new ERP generation for food

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With iFood 2.5.0 NG, agmadata has launched the latest generation of its flexible ERP system for the food industry. It combines the highest productivity increase of daily work processes with intelligent mining of the accruing data. iFood 3.0 is already in the starting blocks.

360°efood - the digital ecosystem of the agricultural industry

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360°efood is the first digital ecosystem in the agricultural industry for overarching processes independent of the operational systems used. This enables various participants within the value chain to jointly orchestrate and optimize their processes.

Farm&Food Hub - attractive working and networking

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The Farm&Food Hub connects players to add value to food production. In this “think tank”, theoretical-scientific and practical knowledge based on experience come together and completely new solutions are created.

Burg Solo – working together rethought

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Our attractive working environment is Burg Solo in Garrel in the Oldenburg Münsterland. The innovative building requires no heating, consumes minimal resources in other ways, and is a communications hub in our region, the Silicon Valley of agricultural technology.

News and Info

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In the “Info and News” section, you can find out about current developments at agmadata, upcoming events in the Farm&Food Hub plenum and the latest issues of our company newsletter “AUSBLICK” as well as current press information.

About agmadata

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For 30 years now, agmadata has been providing software solutions for the food industry – developed together with our customers. Our employees bring expertise from all areas of animal production, marketing and agribusiness to development.

Think and act in a network!

It is time for a true digital transformation. More and more companies are realizing that they no longer stand alone, but are part of a larger process with many stakeholders. Every single player must be aware that their own success depends crucially on the entire chain working successfully – in the case of agricultural foodstuffs, that is, from the field to the plate. Whereas in the past people were content to say “I know something you don’t know,” today it is important to think and act in a networked way so that everyone’s overall result is right in the end.

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What our customers say

Great that so much more can be achieved with agmadata’s industry software.

For the past three years, agmadata’s Christmas Poultry Disposition module has simply led to improved delivery in customer markets. Our customers receive the desired product freshness at the right time even faster and thank us with great satisfaction. Since the introduction of iFood in the seasonal business, sales have continued to grow. Furthermore, iFood noticeably contributes to the relief of our employees!

André Schröder


Ice cream love and IT love combine to create taste and flexibility.
Speed, flexibility and reliability are what count for our ice cream factory. These qualities are also provided by our IT service provider agmadata.

Michael Martens


Other suppliers tried to make us afraid of interfaces and thus wanted to force us to buy everything from a single source. agmadata, on the other hand, gave us the freedom of choice and supported us in integrating already existing components and adding further solutions to the ERP system, which we selected entirely according to our needs.
Roy Ehlers

Heideküche Ehlers

We have relied on agmadata in production and logistics for over 12 years.
For us as a raw material supplier for pet food, transparency and traceability through the logistics and production process are just as important as for food. We can rely one hundred percent on the seamlessly documented production. With continuously developed standard programs, our workflows are becoming more streamlined every day. As a result, we achieve process and quality improvements that we rely on more and more.

Klaus Below


Really worth the price – the fully integrated price labeler connection from agmadata.
This connection has been running so smoothly for us for five years that it deserves a special mention. With three production sites, Stolle is one of the main pillars of the Plukon Food Group Germany. The industry software iFood has been used since 1996 for centrally controlled order entry and processing as well as picking and logistics scheduling on approx. 30 workstations.

Markus Bextermöller

Stolle/Plukon Food Group

The good price/performance ratio and, moreover, the pleasant business relationship at eye level result in an important and nice added value for us.
We have been working successfully with agmadata’s industry software since 1987. A short break in the business relationship has shown us that we are in good hands when it comes to product performance, cost, functionality and service!

Henning Pleus

Alfred Pleus GmbH

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