The flexible ERP system for the food industry

iFood 2.5.0 NG – the new ERP generation for food

For more than 30 years, agmadata has been about supporting its customers with digital processes for good food. Under the name iFood, agmadata introduced the first ERP system for the food industry in 2009 that is based entirely on state-of-the-art Web 2.0 technology. For meat processors in particular, the software system has since become a real success model, with numerous industry giants relying on it. Productivity gains are not limited to production processes. With special function modules, agmadata provides targeted support for the skilled trades with their steadily growing branch network. And the complete and quantity-plausible traceability ensures data transparency from farm to fork.

iFood 2.5.0 NG is already the third software generation to be delivered, bringing further productivity gains for the user. It integrates the InterSystems IRIS data platform for fast, cross-system processing of mass data and exhaustive evaluation and analysis functions. Thus, this version forms the basis for the future further development of iFood.

The next generation, iFood 3.0, is already in the starting blocks. With an all-new user interface, it will further enhance user productivity, while additional connectors to devices, other systems, and public data spaces such as International Data Spaces (IDS) will improve integration inside and outside operations.


Four good reasons for iFood:

Database technology of the future

From version 2.5.0 NG on, iFood is based on InterSystems IRIS. This powerful data platform is optimized to collect, store and process large amounts of data from multiple sources at lightning speed. In addition, the platform offers a variety of tools and functions that help to effectively analyze and visualize the collected data. Finally, InterSystems IRIS offers advanced capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to make better decisions and take its operations to the next level.

Your plus: “Sound decisions instead of long waiting times”

Uniform interfaces

Modern systems are modular. Via open communication programs, they handle automatic data traffic and exchange digital messages with other participating systems. Uniform business processes handle even complex structured data, images, videos and other forms of information without any media breaks.

Your plus: “An integrated solution instead of isolated islands”

Maximum configurability

Changes and adjustments to masks, tables, data relations, sorting and print images become child’s play. A powerful system development environment is the basis for efficient program development. The system administrator can actively and independently help the user in the company. For complex tasks, agmadata intervenes and assists on site via a network connection.

Your plus: “Being able to make adjustments yourself instead of having to pay dearly”.

Lean software from the cloud

Device-independent browser software that works on all Internet-capable end devices has long been in the process of replacing classic Windows applications on the user side. This allows user needs to be optimally covered and the software to be used flexibly on all devices. Thanks to modern software provision from the cloud, there is also no need to operate your own servers. This way you will reach your goal slim without ballast.

Your plus: “Simply use software everywhere instead of running it yourself at great expense”.