Origin - Values - Future

Helmut Voßmann, founder of agmadata GmbH, leads the company into the future with the values of his ancestors

Tradition and innovation – two seemingly contradictory concepts that are intertwined at agmadata GmbH. The company is firmly based on the values that Helmut Voßmann inherited from his ancestors.

From postal worker to cattle dealer: a family full of energy

Grandfather Josef Voßmann was a simple postal worker who did his job conscientiously and diligently. He devoted his free time to his family and the farm. These virtues of work ethic and team spirit shaped Helmut Voßmann from an early age.

His father Paul Voßmann, on the other hand, was a determined farmer who was always looking for new challenges and eventually became a successful livestock trader. With his charming nature and gift for persuading people, he was popular in his community. From him, Helmut Voßmann learned to think entrepreneurially and recognize opportunities.

Independent of people: Values as a compass for entrepreneurial action

These contrasting but complementary characteristics also characterize agmadata GmbH. The company is innovative and dynamic, but at the same time consistent and reliable. Traditional values such as honesty, fairness and customer orientation form the core of the corporate culture instead of the quarterly thinking and “shareholder value” that are common today.

Helmut Voßmann is convinced: “The future security of a company lies not only in the hands of the people involved, but also in the values that are practiced.” These values – inherited from his ancestors and developed over the course of his life – form the foundation of agmadata GmbH.



Responsibility for the future: focus on employees and customers

agmadata GmbH sees itself not only as a commercial enterprise, but also as part of society. For Helmut Voßmann, taking responsibility for employees and customers is as natural as being part of a large family.

He looks ahead with optimism: “The values that have characterized us so far will continue to guide our actions and pave the way to a successful future.”