The digital ecosystem of agribusiness

360°efood is the first digital ecosystem in the agricultural industry in which all process participants can find each other. It is based on Fraunhofer’s International Data Spaces, a development for digital sovereignty in business ecosystems. As a member of the International Data Spaces Association, agmadata is driving the Farm & Food IDS architecture and realizing a wide variety of use cases from animal transport to fertilizer management with 360°efood.

Diverse platform offers are therefore available, the IDS Farm & Food shows solutions and concepts for a wide range of issues.

Through the networked cooperation of topic-related working groups, we arrive at more advanced solutions.

International Data Spaces – Sovereignty over Data

Data becomes an economic asset – profit from the returns!

The development

The International Data Spaces at a glance

The International Data Spaces pursue the goal of digital sovereignty in business ecosystems. Participants in the International Data Spaces should be able to exchange data interoperably with business partners while always retaining the right of self-determination over these data assets.

We achieve this goal with a new architecture. Applicability and usefulness are supported with application examples.

Our activities promote the dissemination that is already possible.
Therefore, the Farm & Food industry will also benefit.

Data Economics

The digitization of all areas of the economy and society is leading to a new role for data. Data is no longer a waste product of economic activity, but a strategic resource on the basis of which new types of digital services and even new business models can be created.

Data as an economic good

When data takes on the role of a strategic resource for companies, it must be treated as an economic asset. The discussion about data as an economic good today is strongly influenced by the use in processes and beyond process chains.

Data Governance

Data governance describes the control process for measuring, evaluating, using, improving, maintaining, and protecting data used throughout the enterprise.

The goal here is a clear definition of the usage options as well as the responsibilities
and tasks required to ensure comprehensive quality of data and metadata.

From development directly into the companies

With adapted application examples for the farm & food industry, we underline the practicality.

The association of interests

The green side wins – trust and transparency

The first digital ecosystem in the agricultural industry in which all process participants can find each other.

The realization – think differently

Sharing is the new having